5 Questions for … Daniel Llano

In this “5 Questions for …” series, our employees give you an insight into their daily work, talk about what drives them and how they see the future of technology. In this episode with Daniel Llano, Customer Support Manager.

What are your responsibilities at Safran Vectronix?
I may be an employee of Safran, but I work every single day for my primary focus, the customer. Naturally motivated to find solutions to enable complex integrations of our electro-optical sensors and digital compasses. My responsibilities include to know the application to the smallest detail and being able to communicate in every “language” you may need for the success of your project (Hardware, Software, Optics, Specifications, Standards, …) not only during all phases of your development but also extending to our future partnership.

What aspects of your daily work are most interesting? What do you like most about your daily work?
“My day is like a box of chocolates. I never know what I’m gonna get” When you need my help, usually you are in trouble. And believe me, no two troubles are ever the same. I will be overjoyed to be able to deliver a professional, definitive, timely, unique and focussed solution.

Which of Safran Vectronix’ Ultisense innovations do you like best?
The ones I like the most are the ones that are yet to come. That sweet spot, in which the knowledge and uncertainty of today is used together with a reviewed mindset, so we can continue providing the best solutions for the future.

How do you see the future in the field of system integration?
I see more and more smarter and interconnected solutions. In which the source data can be provided by many different components, then processed by complex SW and made available to the user in a simple way. This goes along with an increased and improved service offer and highly professional customer support for the integration of such high-end sensors to achieve the optimum performance.

How would you describe Ultisense OEM solutions in three words?
Unquestionable: The quality, effectiveness and performance of our solutions are beyond dispute.
Enduring: Our sensors permeate the market, and have set the measuring and orientation standards for decades.
Empowering: We provide products, solutions and knowledge so our customers can succeed in their mission today and enable them to get the skills they need for future innovations.

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