5 Questions for … Dominique Gallusser

Dominique Gallusser

In our series “5 Questions for …” Ultisense employees give some insight into their daily work, tell us what drives them and how they see the future of technology. In this episode with Dominique Gallusser, Head of Ultisense.

What is your area of responsibility at Safran Vectronix?
I’m the Ultisense Product and Customer Support Management team leader. As a team, we are in charge of the Ultisense Portfolio, which consists of range finding and orientation solutions. Our Customer Support Managers  consult and provide technical support to our customers during sensor evaluation, the integration process and during the entire product life cycle.

What made you start working at Safran Vectronix?
The outstanding high-tech products and the international nature of the business were for sure a decisive factor to start this exciting journey as a member of the Ultisense Team. Safran Vectronix also enjoys an excellent reputation in the Rhine Valley as an employer with a strong local identity.  A bonus is the proximity to my house, allowing me to cycle to work by bike and be able to enjoy family lunchtimes at home.

What are your challenges in your daily work?
We have a very packed roadmap with many great new developments. A big challenge is to bring the content of the roadmap to the Ultisense product offering as soon as possible.
Hopefully just a temporary challenge is the critical situation regarding the electronic supply chain. Thanks to excellent long-term partnerships with our suppliers and the powerful support from Safran our parent company, we are able to plan and fulfill the high demand from our existing and new customers.

What is your number one goal??
Ensure that what our engineers develop in terms of new technologies and features and what we release in new products really meets the customer needs and supports their tasks. Therefore, to understand the needs of the customer and end-user in their different applications has a high priority.

What makes you excited about Mondays?
Mondays usually start with a short team meeting to plan the week and to get synchronized but also to exchange stories from the weekend. It is very exciting to see and hear from my colleagues the weekly progress in all the different projects.


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