5 Questions for … Michael Kohler

In our series “5 Questions for …” Ultisense employees give some insight into their daily work, tell us what drives them and how they see the future of technology. In this episode with Michael Kohler, Production Leader of Ultisense.

What is your area of responsibility at Safran Vectronix?
I am responsible for the production of Ultisense products alongside my team of 23 employees. This includes the production of fiber lasers, DMCs (digital magnetic compass), LRFs (laser range finder) and assemblies that contain the receivers for our products.

What made you start working at Safran Vectronix?
I heard only good things about Safran Vectronix. Even the first contact with HR was truly warm and authentic. I was impressed by the diverse and sophisticated technology that is used in the products. In the end, I was convinced by the appreciation shown to employees in production.

What are your challenges in your daily work?
A day can rarely be planned. We manufacture products with the highest quality standards. That’s why we rely on impeccable supplier quality. The interaction of different tolerances constantly presents us with new challenges.
There are often customer requests at very short notice, which we try to fulfil as best we can. During the coronavirus pandemic, the main challenge was the availability of materials. This situation has now eased somewhat.

What aspects of your daily work are most interesting? What do you like most about your daily work?
The variety of products is fascinating. The different technologies ensure that there is always variety. The production of fiber lasers and the production of DMCs are so different that there are only a few companies that can offer this.
In addition to the technical variety, I enjoy working as part of a team and constantly developing products and employees.

What fascinates you about the modules?
The precision we achieve with our modules is impressive. All the requirements are fulfilled over an enormous temperature range. In most cases, we achieve even much better results than our data sheet projections.

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