Why you should consider a laser rangefinder
for your Counter-UAV system.

counter UAV beam divergence

An effective drone defense solution must detect, track, and take action against hostile drones. For successful drone countermeasures, reliable tracking data in real time is particularly important. After all, only if you know the exact position of a drone, you can take appropriate action.

We are developing a dedicated laser rangefinder for Counter-UAV tracking, capable of accurately tracking a moving drone / loitering munition.

This new Counter-UAV module is capable of tracking a small drone within a range of 1 – 2 km with an accuracy of 1 m. Thanks to a 5 times larger beam divergence, the LRF finds a drone 5 times more easily than a standard LRF. The measurement frequency of 20 Hz supports the tracking of drones with a speed of up to 50 – 70 km/h. In addition, the LRF works with optimized receiver optics that can perfectly handle the bright ambient light in the sky.

Benefits for Counter-UAV tracking:
• High distance measurement accuracy, enables reliable calculation of position
• Real-time measurement frequencies of up to 20Hz make it ideal for tracking
→ Ideal for fast calculation of position and flight path
→ Recommended in combination with image tracking pan/tilt camera

Advantages over standard LRF module:
• Innovative LRF receiver optimized for bright skies
• Successful drone targeting with large beam divergence

counter uav drone target

STANDARD LRF optimized for long range & large objects
Small beam with 0.5 mrad divergence (Ø 0.5 m @ 1 km)
COUNTER-UAV LRF optimized for easy targeting of small objects
5 times larger beam with 2.5 mrad divergence (Ø 2.5 m @ 1 km)
→ 5 times larger beam = 5 times easier target aquisition

We are in the final stages of development and are happy to provide further insight or a prototype to any interested integration partners!

Get in touch via our contact form.


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