A number that speaks for itself

DMC Pico – only 0.1% warranty claim rate
0.1 % is the actual number of warranty claims we have received for the DMC-pico thus far.

We constantly challenge ourselves to get better and better. With the DMC-pico module we made another big step forward. It’s an outstanding and highly reliable digital magnetic compass with superior heading accuracy and the perfect tool for rough use on the battlefield. With decades of experience in working with magnetic compasses, we developed a unique production process to bring the DMC-pico to a whole new level. In order to ensure top-notch quality, every single DMC-pico goes through an extensive calibration process.

This is how we have created a module for our customers that has a complaint rate of only 0.1 %!

The smallest. The lightest. The toughest.

With the DMC-pico we got you covered. Its outstanding azimuth accuracy and shock resistance of up to 2000 g makes it the number one choice for any weapon mounted system. Both its small size and its unique System State Compensation (SSC) will convince you during integration. To support azimuth accuracy within the system, SSC takes numerous internal magnetic influences into account and compensates them to ensure an improved overall azimuth accuracy.

Experience the power of the DMC-pico and get in touch to test the module yourself.

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