Find your main target with Multiple Target Detection

When measuring with a laser rangefinder, the laser beam is often reflected not only by the object a user is aiming at, but also by other objects that are grazed by it. The Multiple Target Detection allows displaying distances to such objects.

To speed up the user’s workflow, our sophisticated and unique measurement algorithms run in the background of each measurement, displaying the main object in first priority. At the same time, if desired, the user can be shown up to 5 distances to objects from the same measurement (the number of results is selectable).

Here is an example of how Multiple Target Detection works in the field:

Mission objective: Measure distance to truck

safran vectronix ultisense laser range finder multiple targets

The distance to the main target is about 5 km. However, there are multiple targets in the line of sight of the measurement. This means that other objects are hit by the beam and reflect the signal as well. In our example, the beam hits some tree branches at 200 m, the main target (truck) at 5 km and a large factory building at 8 km.

safran vectronix – ultisense laser range finder multiple targets algorithm

Our unique algorithms grade the reflected signal and evaluate it based on various factors. The truck will be prioritized and displayed as main target, together with the other distances from the same measurement.

Mission accomplished!


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