Openworks and Ultisense – it’s a match

Vision Flex from Open works

In this edition, we are happy to share the experiences of our customer OPENWORKS, who integrated our Laser Rangefinder (LRF) into their system.

Established in 2015 in Newcastle, UK, with a team of 5 engineers, OPENWORKS has grown to a workforce of 25 specialists. Originally a pioneer in innovative solutions for drone defence, such as SkyWall, remotely operated and captures multiple targets in accurately-delivered nets. More recently introducing their market-disrupting autonomous Vision Flex platform and corresponding SkyAI software. They also offer high-performance electro-optical systems with dynamic target tracking capabilities, setting new standards in drone and air-defence technology.

You can find OpenWorks at the Eurosatory: BC373

“We are offering award-winning air-defence technology enhanced by optical detection and tracking, where the use of the Ultisense Laser Range Finder (LRF) range of products allows us to provide industry leading capability for the most demanding of customers.”
James Cross, Director Openworks


What specific problems did you have as you looked for a LRF solution?
Our target often comprises highly dynamic and small UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) platforms that are being used across the battlefield to conduct surveillance and deliver  explosive effects against soldiers and military platforms. It’s crucial for us to have a LRF solution that provides very-high frequency and low latency to ensure our system provides accurate positional information on the target. Furthermore, we provide the most compact and lightweight solution in its class. Therefore, we required a low-power, lightweight, and compact LRF solution, making Vectronix’s Fibre technology the ideal choice.”

What does the system technically look like, where do you want to integrate our LRF?
The LRF is integrated inside our Electro-Optical Unit. Our wide range of optical units are plug-and-play, enabling customers to easily upgrade their system with an LRF post-delivery, should a greater level of capability be required.

What is the application and who are your customers?
We have a wide range of customers, with a primary focus on the Counter-UAS (CUAS) market. Here, our industry-leading tracking capabilities excel in enhancing detection of small, agile air targets amidst complex backgrounds. Additionally, our target tracking and autonomy technologies are being deployed in coastal surveillance and SHORAD (air defence) applications.

How did our LRF help to improve your system? What are the benefits for your customers?
The LRF is highly beneficial for customers that require high accuracy and low-latency 3D tracking data from the target (at a level, which is not available from radar tracking). This functionality is particularly useful for applications such as fire-control, where our Vision Flex system autonomously tracks targets and provides 3D tracking data, including trajectory prediction if required. This data can be used to put weapons systems (RWS, etc.) on to target. We are providing a package of equipment that can be used with existing in-service weapon stations without the need to modify existing manual control or the proven safety case.

How was the integration of the LRF into your system? Can you share some experience about the hardware and software interface?
The hardware interface proved to be straightforward, allowing our software team to seamlessly integrate it using the standard API. They found it very easy to conclude and to achieve high levels of performance with the standard configurations.

Which key factors influenced your decision to select our company?
Besides general performance features, the compact size and low weight of the module significantly influenced our decision. Additionally, the performance in terms of range and frequency played a crucial role in the decision process. And we even experienced better ranges than those specified on the data sheet.

Do you have any helpful suggestions for other Ultisense customers?
Work closely with the Vectronix team, they are fantastic and very supportive.

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