Swiss precision in every detail

swiss military precision device

Safran Vectronix’s roots stretch back to 1921. For 100 years, dedicated employees have continuously driven the development of this innovative company, headquartered in eastern Switzerland.

A century later, each component is still produced here in Heerbrugg to the highest specifications. Hailing from a land famed for precision, this genuinely Swiss approach lies behind every single detail. We know the origin of each individual component, which is then tested without exception. With this uncompromising level of detail, each module can then ensure optimal performance when it matters most: to our end users and their deployment in the planet’s harshest conditions.

“We know the origin of each individual component, which is then tested without exception.”

To resolutely maintain this quality management, regular testing takes place after every production step. This meticulous attention underpins the meaning of Swiss quality manufacturing. The final testing of finished modules is just as important in ensuring that only products which pass as “excellent” leave our facilities.

This means, for example, that each DMC is tested against harsh temperatures with inner sensors calibrated with a specially designed in-house calibration machine. Finally, 100% environmental stress testing during production guarantees high shock resistance resulting in unparalleled reliability.
These “Swiss Made” factors have made Ultisense the partner of choice for those designing the sensing solutions of tomorrow.
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