5 Questions for … Nicole Casterra

In this “5 Questions for …” series, our employees give you an insight into their daily work, talk about what drives them and how they see the future of technology. In this episode with Nicole Casterra, Project Leader Industry.

What is your area of responsibility at Safran Vectronix?
I work in Process Design and I am responsible that the module production runs smoothly and that we are constantly improving and optimizing our production processes. Furthermore, I support new development projects from idea to production readiness, whether it’s a complete new module or a new production tool.

What fascinates you about the modules?
More than 15 years ago, I was allowed to take over the module area. At that time, modules were just in development and each was unique for a particular customer application. Since then, we have progressed further to produce larger quantities and for me it is nice to see that we have been able to implement many ideas that we shared in exciting discussions in the beginning. I think back to the early days with a smile.

What are your biggest challenges?
The biggest challenge is certainly the range of products we offer, and my job is to optimize the processes to all variants. In particular, to integrate customized designs into our series production is always a complex task, but I particularly enjoy the diversity and the collaboration with other departments.

What do you value most about your work?
I especially appreciate the great team I have the privilege to work with. Our employees in production personally identify with each module produced and it is a matter close to their hearts that the products leave production with absolute perfect quality.
In addition, the support from the R&D department is great when we have a problem. The issues are examined in detail and solutions are worked out in close cooperation with the Process Designer.

What do you wish for the Ultisense modules?
For the modules, I would like us to continue to be creative and develop new technologies that create high customer value. Furthermore, I wish that we never stop fighting for the change to a better process and strive for perfection with small steps every day.


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