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Dominique Gallusser

5 Questions for … Dominique Gallusser

In our series “5 Questions for …” Ultisense employees give some insight into their daily work, tell us what drives them and how they see …


Find your main target with Multiple Target Detection

When measuring with a laser rangefinder, the laser beam is often reflected not only by the object a user is aiming at, but also by …

DMC Pico – only 0.1% warranty claim rate

A number that speaks for itself

0.1 % is the actual number of warranty claims we have received for the DMC-pico thus far. We constantly challenge ourselves to get better and …

counter UAV beam divergence

Why you should consider a laser rangefinder
for your Counter-UAV system.

An effective drone defense solution must detect, track, and take action against hostile drones. For successful drone countermeasures, reliable tracking data in real time is …

Safran Vectronix fiber laser

Safran Vectronix fiber lasers …
and what you need to know.

Fiber lasers are ubiquitous in our modern world, and we are sure you also use this technology to communicate every day. Originally, fiber optic cables …

ULTISENSE LRF 6042 – Laser Range Finder

Ultisense launches the LRF 6042 – a 25 km rangefinder module with advanced fiber laser technology.

The LRF 6042 is the latest addition to the Ultisense portfolio of high-performance fiber laser rangefinders and builds on Vectronix’ 100 years of experience in …

LRF extinction ratio

Laser Rangefinder: If you ask for Extinction Ratio, consider other beam parameters as well!

Extinction Ratio (ER) is often considered as the main performance indicator of a Laser Rangefinder (LRF). Well, it is one parameter, but certainly not the …


5 Questions for … Nicole Casterra

In this “5 Questions for …” series, our employees give you an insight into their daily work, talk about what drives them and how they …

system integration dmc magnetic field

DMC System Integration: Basic guidelines on how to handle magnetic disturbances

Integration means the process of building the DMC into a host system in such a way that it will provide the correct azimuth, elevation and …


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