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a world of difference

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High-performance OEM sensing solutions empowering your future innovation.

Combining Swiss quality, high-performance, global expertise and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Ultisense has built a reputation as a reliable partner for small components with a big impact. Small things that make a world of difference.

Our innovative Solutions

Laser Range Finding

LRF 3013
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Magnetic North Finding


Empowering your future innovation

As the market leader in the fields of observation and location, we offer innovative sensing modules and integration support for both military and civilian applications. For 100 years, we’ve been designing future-proof innovations to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our ultra-reliable products are trusted the world over, road-tested in the very toughest conditions.

YOur benefits

A strong and reliable partner

Years of R&D and constant improvement has gone into our products. And with thousands of use cases under our belt, we’ve seen it all when it comes to integration: Our tech experts are on hand throughout to make integration easier than ever, and available to help wherever you are in the world.

High-End Performance

Over the years, Ultisense has consistently set new standards to offer the highest performance when it matters most. Combining small size and world-beating functionality, our patented technology is tested in-house under the toughest conditions to deliver optimal effectiveness.

Swiss Precision

True to our roots in Switzerland, our uncompromising attention to detail sets us apart. We stand for time-honored quality and expertise, from intricate product design to quality control to customer service, redefining the meaning of “Swiss Made”.

Small Components. Big stories.

Global presence

There for you, worldwide.

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