Efficient integration made easy with the Ultisense Integrator Kit

Ultisense Integrator Kit

Maximize your capabilities with the Ultisense Integrator Kit – an invaluable solution designed to enhance your workflow when integrating Ultisense LRF and DMC modules into complex multi-sensor systems.

Designed specifically for developers and engineers, this cutting-edge kit offers a range of powerful functionalities. Seamlessly test performance, configure interfaces, and perform in-depth evaluations to ensure smooth integration. Use the Ultisense Integration Kit to streamline your processes, increase efficiency, and enable optimal performance within your sophisticated systems.

Simple setup for fast deployment – ready to use anytime, anywhere.
Experience hassle-free utilization of Ultisense LRF and DMC modules with our simplified setup process, eliminating the need for an external power supply or coding knowledge. With this easy-to-use kit, you can effortlessly connect the LRF or DMC module to your computer. The flexible power supply ensures the modules can be deployed in a laboratory or in the field, wherever they are needed most.

Integrator Kit compatible with all LRF and DMC modules
All the current Ultisense modules are compatible. All future modules will be as well.

Delve deeper into module evaluation – unlock the full potential.
Take your module evaluation process to the next level by accessing hardware lines for in-depth analysis during or prior to the integration phase. This capability proves invaluable for tasks such as configuration, bug fixing, and diagnostics. The open design of our development board grants access to all hardware lines, offering measurement and soldering. This facilitates the use of test equipment such as oscilloscopes and provides alternative serial communication options beyond a PC, ensuring seamless integration even in non-standard configurations.

Smooth progression with software support – mitigate costly surprises.
Our comprehensive software package includes an LRF simulator, which allows you to initiate the integration process and evaluation without the physical presence of the LRF module. Leverage the reference designs available in our software library to expedite the integration process and streamline development milestones. By using these powerful software tools, you can optimize the integration process, mitigating the risk of unforeseen setbacks at later stages of your project. This proactive approach helps you meet your project milestones efficiently and cost-effectively.

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