Long-range reliability redefined: the combination of fiber laser and multi-pulse technology

Long range reliability redefined: the combination of fiber laser and multi-pulse technology

As we have learned, increasing laser power alone to extend the range is not feasible due to eye safety concerns. Vectronix has addressed this limitation by employing a combination of two cutting-edge technologies: fiber laser and multi-pulse technology improved by smart software algorithms. This approach enables a significant increase in range performance while adhering to strict eye safety standards.

Perfect beam performance thanks to fiber laser technology
Fiber laser technology serves as the cornerstone for generating efficient laser beams. By utilizing fibers made of optical glass, the 1550 nm laser is concentrated into a remarkably tight beam with minimal 0.5 mrad divergence. Furthermore, fiber laser-based LRFs stand out for their compactness, energy efficiency, and their maintenance-free operation. Notably, the LRF 7047 incorporates unique and advanced fiber laser technology, featuring two internal accumulation stages, and measures an impressive range of up to 30 km.

Optimization during measurement due to multi-pulse technology
The magic of multi-pulse technology comes into play when optimizing range performance. Instead of relying on a single laser pulse and its corresponding reflection for the final range calculation, multi-pulse LRFs emit multiple of extremely short laser pulses. These numerous pulses allow intelligent software algorithms to distinguish true target reflections from irrelevant noise reflections. Furthermore, the thousands of laser pulses allow the system to employ few pulses at the beginning of the measurement to assess the current measuring conditions. This, in turn, facilitates the fine-tuning of transmitter and receiver to match the specific measuring conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance for the given measurement scenario. One can readily envision the distinctions between measuring a highly reflective target at 100 meters, and a less reflective target at 10 km. Once again, fiber laser technology assumes a pivotal role in producing the essential short and precise laser pulses.

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