New Laser Rangefinder (LRF) 6742 for Counter-UAV applications

LRF 6742 Counter-UAV module

The Ultisense LRF 6742 is the latest addition in Safran Vectronix’ laser rangefinder line-up. Its ability to measure small, moving objects makes it the perfect tool for your Counter-UAV (CUAV) system for both military and civilian purposes.

A huge number of drones enter the airspace globally every year. Reports of accidents, near misses, and intentional malicious attacks with drones are on the rise. The call for more safety in the airspace is omnipresent, which is why many methods have been developed to detect and measure UAVs, e.g., radar and radio frequency (RF) measurements. And yet, none of them are as reliable as a highly optimized laser rangefinder.

As a global leader of state-of-the-art optronic equipment and with more than 100 years of experience, Safran Vectronix takes an important step forward with the LRF 6742. This laser rangefinder offers an exceptional solution for tracking inside a Counter-UAV system. It was specifically designed to measure small, moving objects such as drones or loitering munition.

Detect. Track. Mitigate.
Defense against UAVs is usually structured into three phases. In the first phase the object needs to be detected. The second phase initiates the tracking process. Paired with a camera and thanks to precise realtime tracking, the LRF 6742 continuously measures the object and sends information to the tracking-head. Based on the image the camera produces, an evaluation will be made as to whether the object is friendly or hostile. The LRF 6742 provides the target’s exact coordinates. In the last phase the drone will be neutralized, if needed.

LRF 6742 Laser Beam Divergence

Large divergence simplifies object targeting
A standard LRF typically has a small beam divergence as it is optimized for measuring long distances. In CUAV applications, the operational distance is much shorter and the objects to be targeted are much smaller. Therefore, the LRF 6742 has a large beam divergence of 3 mrad. This results in a large laser beam field that is ideal for tracking small, moving objects.

Reliable measurement in bright sky with optimized receiver
Where many standard LRFs fail to deliver proper results due to bright lighting conditions, the LRF 6742 really shines. Its receiver was designed and optimized to perform flawlessly under bright lighting conditions, detecting even the slightest laser reflection for calculating a reliable measurement result.

Accurate tracking in real-time
Until now, accurately tracking a small, moving object in real-time has been a challenge. Often, a combination of multiple sensors was required. This resulted in complex and time-consuming data processing and poor accuracy. In comparison, the LRF 6742 enables real-time tracking of a moving drone with an accuracy deviation of less than 1 meter.

In summary, the LRF 6742 is the perfect solution for your Counter-UAV sensor system.

To find out more about the LRF 6742, visit the product page or get in touch with our team.


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