Elevating quality through modern production at Safran Vectronix

Safran Vectronix has gained global recognition through its outstanding “Ultisense” OEM modules. This success is closely tied to the modern working conditions in production that enable the dedicated team to manufacture high-quality products. In this article, we will take a closer look at these conditions.

High-Tech Production
Safran Vectronix’s production stands out with a paperless and fully digital manufacturing process. For example, the delicate assembly of fiber lasers is equipped with an innovative, self-developed Assembly System that guides employees through the manufacturing process. This system demands a control measurement within tight tolerance limits after each step, crucial for the final laser performance. All measurement results are stored and visualized through a dashboard. Every step is carefully tracked and documented, allowing for traceability in case of any issues. Regular tool checks occur continuously, and immediate adjustments are made as required. By implementing Lean Tools such as 5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) and Kaizen (Continuous Improvement Process), regular shop floor meetings involving all production staff are held to improve production and quickly respond to issues. These ongoing quality controls ensure that the products meet the high standards of Safran Vectronix and their customers.

Another crucial aspect is cleanliness in manufacturing. Potential sources of contamination, such as cardboard, are avoided to ensure a dust-free environment. Employees work in special flow boxes that provide additional protection against dust. Additionally, parameters such as humidity and temperature are constantly regulated to ensure optimal production conditions.

What Does This Mean for Ultisense Modules?
In production, each module undergoes inspection by at least two individuals before being delivered to the customer. Material output inspection is performed by the team leader and the quality manager.

The Laser Rangefinders (LRFs) are tested with state-of-the-art optical distance simulators that individually adjust parameters for each module. Precise adjustment of the Rx (receiver) and Tx (transmitter) is carried out, with the module’s receivers and transmitters made visible using a SWIR camera and aligned precisely with a collimator. This is crucial to achieve the best possible performance of the laser rangefinder. A picture of the alignment is stored for complete documentation, using the device’s serial number.

The Digital Magnetic Compasses (DMCs) are calibrated over the entire temperature range with a highly advanced and precise inclination tool. The process takes several days and is fully automated. Each DMC is calibrated with an individual offset to ensure it is immediately ready for integration use by the customer.

Employees as the Most Valuable Asset
At Safran Vectronix, employees are considered as the most valuable asset. They are actively encouraged and supported. The company provides training opportunities and certifications to ensure that the team stays updated on the latest technology. In production, employees are responsible for the assembly of entire modules, and they can flexibly manage their working hours without being subjected to assembly line work. Each employee is trained on different products, allowing quick response to fluctuating customer needs and providing employees with opportunities to acquire diverse skills. This approach also allows us to offer employees new challenges continually.

Another focus is on ergonomics in the workplace. Safran Vectronix places great importance on the health and well-being of its employees. Ergonomically designed workstations and the use of modern technologies reduce strain and create a pleasant working environment. This not only promotes productivity but also increases employee satisfaction.
Safran Vectronix’s commitment to its employees goes beyond promoting their individual skills. The company recognizes the invaluable value of the team’s existing knowledge. By building and maintaining a strong knowledge base, high-quality products are ensured. The Safran Vectronix team operates under the motto “Quality before Quantity” to ensure that each individual OEM module meets high standards.


Michael, Shopfloor Manager at Safran Vectronix, sums it up:
"Our biggest challenge is coping with the increasing demand. The solution lies in our employees. Their knowledge and dedication are crucial to continue producing top-notch Ultisense OEM modules for our customers."

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