New features for Ultisense fiber laser rangefinders

We are excited to introduce new software features for our laser rangefinders, which offer additional customization options for you.

Reliable measuring with frequencies up to 20Hz and more
For our fiber laser modules, it is now possible to seamlessly select measurement frequencies of up to 20Hz. This selection it is customizable via software, allowing you to tailor the module’s performance to your specific requirements. Even if higher frequencies are required, our specialists can give further advice. The benefits of higher frequencies include real-time tracking of moving objects or synchronization with camera frequencies, enhancing the accuracy and responsiveness of your measurements.

Multiple Measurements sorted by distance
In response to customer feedback, we have introduced another software feature for our laser rangefinders. Previously, multiple measurements were displayed solely based on received signal strength. Now, there is also the option to sort the measurements by distance. Typically, signal strength and distance sorting are aligned, but in cases where highly reflective objects are targeted, the priorities might differ. By consistently sorting multiple measurements by distance, integration may be easier, e.g. when presenting objects with distance information on cameras.

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