Ultisense launches the LRF 6042 – a 25 km rangefinder module with advanced fiber laser technology.

ULTISENSE LRF 6042 – Laser Range Finder

The LRF 6042 is the latest addition to the Ultisense portfolio of high-performance fiber laser rangefinders and builds on Vectronix’ 100 years of experience in developing military rangefinders. The compact LRF 6042 measures up to 8 km on 2.3 m × 2.3 m targets and boasts a maximum range performance of up to 25 km.

The Ultisense fiber laser technology is key to the precise targeting capabilities of the LRF 6042 and to its high efficiency with almost no energy loss. As a result, the range performance of the LRF 6042, the small frontal area and no maintenance requirements make it the ideal choice for integration into compact multi-sensor systems such as gimbals, remote weapon stations, etc.

“It was a challenge to achieve the high-performance requirements within such a small volume” said Marcel Zeller, CTO “and the team worked hard to find the optimal solution. Finally, with this module, we are one step ahead of the competition and continue to pursue our goal of providing our customers with the best possible support in the development of their advanced sensor systems.”

ultisense lrf 6042 measures
ultisense lrf 6042 measures

The LRF 6042 module is designed for continuous measuring. Compared to other systems that have to charge and cool between pulses, the LRF 6042 measures continuously without interruption. It can achieve repetition rates of up to 10 Hz. This is ideal for tracking (e.g. people, vehicles) over an extended period of time.

The optional coaxial 830 nm pointer of the LRF 6042 is coupled directly into the measuring fiber. This allows for easy and precise system alignment and reliable target handover. The patented technology ensures maximum reliability even in the most demanding applications and harsh environments, as a displacement of the pointer to the measuring beam is not possible.

To find out more about the LRF 6042, visit the product page or get in touch with our team.


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