Ultisense Movie – go a step further

At Safran Vectronix we are dedicated to creating ground breaking sensing modules that are the cornerstone of our partners systems. For over 100 years we have been innovating, engineering, and extensively field-testing of our products, to make sure our partners can go above and beyond current standards to meet their client’s needs. Our incredibly accurate sensing modules make products and systems better, more reliable and more accurate when they have to perform the most.

The Ultisense modules give maximum performance and reliability in conditions and environments when the pressure is on and nothing but 100% optimal performance is required. Working around the world to deliver excellence, we have harnessed the power of experience and in-depth understanding to better our services and solutions. We know that every mission counts and we are here to make sure everyone is equipped with the best possible solutions.

More than just our modules, we are here to help and guide our partners throughout the whole integration process with our expert support that guarantees optimal results. Whether needed to perform on land, air or at sea, our products precision and durability guarantees target intelligence, when accuracy is paramount. Watch our video to find out more today.


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