LRF 7047
Laser Rangefinder

Long-range measuring. Proven accuracy of 1 meter.

ULTISENSE LRF 7047 – Laser Range Finder

LRF 7047 is a robust laser rangefinder with a performance up to 30 km and an accuracy of ± 1 m over the entire range.

Continuous tracking with high accuracy of ± 1 m
Continuous measurement is crucial for tracking objects, and the LRF 7047 stands out as the perfect solution for tracking drones or vehicles, offering uninterrupted 24/7 measurement capability. For real-time tracking, it is also possible to increase the frequency up to 10 or 20 Hz to ensure tracking continuity even if few measurements fail. Combined with the excellent measurement accuracy of ± 1 m, the object’s position can be quickly determined; even the target speed can be calculated with the integrated time-stamp feature.

Automatic performance optimization
The LRF 7047 automatically optimizes performance during the measurement. The secret lies in the multi-pulse technology, using ultra-short laser pulses to determine the distance. This allows to use few initial pulses to assess the measuring conditions and to fine-tune the LRF 7047 to visibility, target reflectivity, etc. In combination with intelligent software algorithms the LRF 7047 effectively distinguishes real targets from irrelevant noise.

Easy alignment with integrated 830nm pointer
The coaxial 830 nm pointer massively simplifies alignment without expensive 1550 nm cameras. It is easily detectable with a standard night vision device. This not only saves time and money for the integrator but also allows for precise target hand-over on the field.

lrf 7047 measures Ultisense

Product Highlights

Robust & reliable laser rangefinder up to 30 km

High accuracy: ± 1 m over entire range; < 1.5 m at worst conditions

24/7 continuous measuring without any break

Focussed targeting due to perfectly round beam (fiberlaser)

Maintenance-free for life

Measuring frequencies up to 10 Hz (more is available on request)

Time stamp for easy synchronisation to other sensors

Flexible integration thanks to detachable laser box

Extremely small dimensions

Integrated coaxial pointer for cost-efficient alignment (optional)

Shock proof up to 800 g


Sensor suites on naval vessels, airborne or ground vehicles

Fire control systems and remote weapon stations

Observation on airborne targets

Observation for naval vessels

Coastguard and border protection

Object tracking including speed determination

Drone detection, C-UAV applications

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Ultisense Integrator Kit

Integrator Kit

Optimize your development process with this convenient tool that effortlessly connects Ultisense modules to your computer.

  • Explore functions of LRF and DMC modules
  • No coding required
  • User-centric, intuitive design
  • Software package with LRF Simulator

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