LRF 7047 –
Laser Range Finding

Reliable performance. Long-range measuring.

ULTISENSE LRF 7047 – Laser Range Finder

The LRF 7047 is a robust laser rangefinder with a performance up to 30 km. Even in difficult measuring conditions objects can be tracked and positioned accurately.

Continuous tracking at long distances
The continuous measuring rate of up to 10 Hz by default allows accurate tracking of objects with nearly no loss in range performance or heat related beam wander. Combined with an excellent measurement accuracy of ±1 m, the target object’s position can be quickly and easily determined; even the target speed can be calculated with the integrated time-stamp feature.

Tough, reliable and maintenance-free
The sophisticated multi-pulse-laser-technology makes the LRF 7047 extremely reliable and meets the tough requirements of remote weapon stations and fire control systems. This robustness supports reliable use in the field and at the same time reduces life-cycle costs as the module is maintenance-free.

Easy to align
The patented coaxial pointer technology provides a pointer directly in the range measurement beam optics. This pointer at 830 nm is easily detectable with a standard night vision camera. This greatly simplifies optical alignment in the production process without the need for expensive 1550 nm cameras, saving the integrator both time and money. In addition, out in the field it can be used for target handover.

lrf 7047 measures Ultisense

Product Highlights

Robust laser rangefinder up to 30 km

Integrated coaxial pointer for cost-efficient optical alignment

Flexible integration thanks to detachable laser box

High measuring accuracy of ±1 m

Accurate object tracking with continous measuring rate of 10 Hz

Shock proof up to 800 g

SWaP optimized design


Sensor suites on naval vessels, airborne or ground vehicles

Fire control systems

Remote weapon stations

Observation and surveillance systems

Coastguard and border protection

Object tracking including speed determination

Position determination

Contact us for any additional information like STEP-files or integrator manuals.

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